Mohamed’s Timely Heart Repair

Photos by Scott Streble   We met 2-year-old Mohamed in Coimbatore, India, 2 months after his heart surgery. He was on his way to becoming the active toddler he is today, busy playing and with a healthy appetite. His timely surgery helped him recover quickly and keep up with other children his age. Although Mohamed’s … Continued

Newborn Screening Recommendations for Heart Disease in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Photo by Scott Streble   Published on June 18, 2020 Children’s HeartLink, together with our partners from the Newborn Foundation and the Government of the Indian state of Kerala, recently published recommendations for implementation of newborn screening for critical congenital heart disease in low- and middle-income countries. Critical congenital heart disease refers to serious and life-threatening … Continued

A Message from Children’s HeartLink

Dear Friend and Supporter, We are living in tumultuous times. With the global coronavirus pandemic and the changing economy, there is a great deal that is out of our control. The senseless killing of George Floyd in the streets of our hometown of Minneapolis has rightfully turned the attention of the world to the daily, … Continued

Inside Our Partner Hospitals during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some hospitals fight COVID-19 by treating patients directly. Others don’t have COVID-19 patients but have to cope with the challenges that arose from the pandemic. The most common concerns we hear from our partners are providing timely access to care for children and also the morale of health care workers on their team.  Photo by … Continued