The Birth Defect that Causes the Most Deaths is Not Visible

Pediatric cardiac care is not luxury treatment. It is lifesaving care deserved by all children in need. Increasing access to pediatric cardiac care is a lofty but achievable goal, grounded in health system sustainability and equity. It will save children’s lives.

The Invisible Child Call to Action in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Today, we call on governments, donors and medical professionals to assure the pandemic response does not have a negative effect on families and children with heart disease, and to prioritize the investment in robust, responsive health systems that can serve their needs.

Children with heart disease and their families, especially the poorest among us, are suffering significant indirect impact on their health and care as a result of COVID-19, which may result in many preventable deaths. It is our decision, collectively, whether children with heart disease will be among the child deaths we failed to prevent, or if they are given their right to health. Join us by spreading the word and sharing this widely.

The Invisible Child: Childhood Heart Disease and the Global Health Agenda describes the burden of heart disease in children, outlines the barriers to improving access to quality care and provides examples of locally driven success. The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target to end preventable child deaths cannot be achieved without due attention to children with heart disease. By 2030 it is predicted that heart disease and other congenital abnormalities will for the first time be among the leading five causes of child death.

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