Mohamed’s Timely Heart Repair

Photos by Scott Streble


We met 2-year-old Mohamed in Coimbatore, India, 2 months after his heart surgery. He was on his way to becoming the active toddler he is today, busy playing and with a healthy appetite. His timely surgery helped him recover quickly and keep up with other children his age.

Although Mohamed’s heart defect was complex, he didn’t have to wait for years to have his heart repaired.

His surgeon, Dr. Raju Vijayakumar (Vijay) at G. Kuppusamy Naidu Memorial Hospital, received guidance from Children’s HeartLink medical volunteer Dr. Christopher Baird, a surgeon from Boston Children’s Hospital when performing this complex operation.

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After training with Dr. Baird, Dr. Vijay can now perform this relatively rare, complex operation on his own.

Mohamed with his parents Sowmi and Ubithur Rahman.

Mohamed riding a four-wheeler, his favorite toy. 

Mohamed with his mother and extended family members.

Mohamed waving good-bye.