First-ever Global Burden of Congenital Heart Disease Study Published

Published on January 29, 2020 Because more children with congenital heart disease are surviving, nearly 12 million people are living with congenital heart disease around the world. This is an increase of 18.7% since 1990. The number of deaths attributed to congenital heart disease has declined by 34.5% since 1990, from 398,580 to 261,247. Kavinaya … Continued

Aishwarya’s Story

Aishwarya’s mom: As long as my daughter is healthy, it is enough for me. Photos by Scott Streble Revathi from the Indian city of Tirupur was worried and frightened when the youngest of her three children, 5-month-old Aishwarya, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. She and her husband took their baby girl to a pediatrician … Continued

50th Anniversary Year: Our Top Five Stories from 2019

2019 was our milestone year, our 50th year as an organization. Since 1969, when a first child was flown from Vietnam to Minneapolis for lifesaving heart surgery, we’ve been committed to treating children with heart disease. Thanks to our dedicated partners and supporters, our 50th year was a successful one. We saved and improved the … Continued

Two People Who Led Children’s HeartLink During an Era of Great Change

Published January 16, 2020 (Updated March 2, 2022) John Cushing and Elizabeth Perlich Sweeney were close partners in improving medical care for children with heart disease around the world. John served as Children’s HeartLink’s international program director for almost three decades, and Elizabeth became president of Children’s HeartLink in 2002, leading the organization for over … Continued

Welcome to Our Board of Directors, Taryn Lynch

  We’re delighted to welcome Taryn Lynch to our board of directors. She is an Audit Partner at Deloitte and its leader in the health and life sciences sector. Taryn has spent almost 30 years serving all sectors in the health care industry. In addition to coordinating international audit teams, she has served as the … Continued