Welcome to Our Board of Directors, Taryn Lynch


We’re delighted to welcome Taryn Lynch to our board of directors. She is an Audit Partner at Deloitte and its leader in the health and life sciences sector. Taryn has spent almost 30 years serving all sectors in the health care industry. In addition to coordinating international audit teams, she has served as the lead client service partner for some of the nation’s largest health plans and providers.

“Taryn brings to our board her expertise in corporate governance, accounting, auditing and risk management. Her experience is a great help to us in maintaining our financial health at a time when we are expanding our partnerships around the world to reach more children with heart disease,” says Children’s HeartLink President Jackie Boucher.

Children’s HeartLink trains medical teams in underserved parts of the world to diagnose and treat children with heart disease. Founded in 1969, we currently support 17 partner hospitals in Brazil, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. Last year alone, the medical providers we trained served over 170,00 children with heart disease.

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