Training Our Global Partners During the Pandemic

Photo by Scott Streble


Children’s HeartLink stepped up remote engagement and training to ensure that our global partners get the support they need during this challenging time. They are determined to continue making progress and to improve the care they provide their young heart patients. Thanks to your support, in the last 6 months:

  • More than 700 medical professionals from around the world have benefited from remote training we’ve provided in conjunction with our medical volunteers.
  • Our Centers of Excellence in India and Malaysia led the first in a series of monthly remote training sessions for 300 professionals from 14 countries in Southeast Asia. This is an important milestone and blueprint for the future, as we help the most children the fastest when our Centers of Excellence train other pediatric cardiac specialists from low-resource countries.
  • Children’s HeartLink volunteers from Mayo Clinic led remote training sessions for more than 100 nurses from different regions of Brazil, addressing the critically important role of nurses. In the Indian state of Kerala, over 40 nurses from delivery centers and hospitals were trained on early detection of a heart defect in newborns.

Many of you have asked how our global partners have been affected by the pandemic. You’ve wondered about the impact on the children and families they serve. In the 7 months since COVID-19 began to spread across the globe, our partners tell us that our support is more important than ever. Read their stories

Our global partners are among the most resourceful and resilient we know. Even under ordinary circumstances, they confront frequent obstacles in the low-resource environments where they live and work. Yet they persist in spite of the challenges they face, with dedication and focus. They have no choice. Families of children with heart disease are counting on them to treat and care for their child. Our global partners are counting on us now more than ever, to help them continue to learn and to improve the care they provide their young heart patients.

Thank you for helping to sustain and strengthen these partnerships, which helped over 171,000 children last year alone!