Our Partner from China Shares Her Experience Fighting COVID-19 in Wuhan

Dr. Ji Peng, a pediatric cardiac intensive care physician, works at Children’s HeartLink Center of Excellence West China Hospital in Chengdu. At the beginning of February, her team went to Wuhan, the Chinese city where the global outbreak began, to help care for COVID-19 patients. On March 25th, Dr. Peng shared her experience of working at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. She presented in the International Quality Improvement Collaborative’s webinar “Preventing Health Care-Associated Infections: Creating a Culture of Infection Prevention and Hand Hygiene (includes COVID-19 education).”

“Respect nurses, the most valuable of all people in the event” is one of Dr. Peng’s many recommendations.

Lauren Shaw, RN, who works as a staff nurse and infection control coordinator at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, led this webinar.

Watch the recording of the webinar here.

Find slides here.

Dr. Peng shares her experience in Wuhan with The BMJ. This is her underlying message: “Protect yourself from the disease, but don’t close yourself off from other people. Actively work hard to improve the status and treatment of nurses. And above all, be hopeful.”

The International Quality Improvement Collaborative for Congenital Heart Disease (IQIC): Improving care in low- and middle-income countries provides benchmarking data for health care professionals and guide quality improvement efforts. The IQIC was launched in 2008 by representatives from Boston Children’s Hospital and several nongovernmental organizations, including Children’s HeartLink. The IQIC’s vision is to facilitate a collaborative of healthcare teams from around the world creating a culture of safety and quality for care for congenital heart disease. Its mission is to reduce mortality and major complications for congenital heart disease in low- and middle-income countries. There are currently 74 sites from 27 countries from around the world enrolled in the IQIC. Children’s HeartLink partner hospitals enrolled in the IQIC were able to make significant improvements in pediatric cardiac care such as decreasing surgical site infections, reducing postoperative mortality rate and increasing the volume of open heart surgeries. 

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