Optum Creates Database for Children’s HeartLink

We have an ambitious plan to train more medical teams each year, to provide high-quality care for children with heart disease in underserved countries. For effective planning and results, we track data about our training in our partner hospitals and their progress. UnitedHealth Group’s division Optum selected Children’s HeartLink to participate in the OptumInsight Impact pro bono program. Optum has started to model and design a new database for us that will support our work with medical volunteers and partner institutions as well as assist our growth.

“The database will allow increased efficiencies due to more organized information for planning, implementation, assessment and continuous improvement efforts. As we grow, it will assist in knowledge transfer and position Children’s HeartLink for better succession planning,” says Children’s Heart Link’s Vice President of Programs and Evaluation Anne Betzner, Ph.D. “We are thankful to Optum for designing this database for us at this critical time in our growth and evolution as an organization.”

“One of Optum Impact’s core focus areas is to improve societal health and advance health equity in underserved communities. Children’s HeartLink was selected for a pro bono opportunity because of their mission alignment: to save the lives of children with heart disease and transform health care in undeserved parts of the world,” says Sagal Ali, social responsibility analyst at Optum.

She adds, “Our pro bono program helps nonprofits achieve their missions by leveraging Optum’s industry knowledge and expertise to build capacity within their organizations.”

The new database will be completely designed in spring of 2019, and Optum Insights will provide critical recommendations regarding platforms, technology and operationalization.

Children’s HeartLink trains medical teams in undeserved parts of the world to diagnose and treat children with heart disease. Founded in 1969, we currently support 16 partner hospitals in Brazil, China, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. Last year, we served over 135,000 children – the first time we’ve surpassed this 100,000 threshold.

2019 is Children’s HeartLink’s 50th year! Learn more