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Your gifts help train nurses in underserved countries to provide lifesaving care for children with congenital heart disease.

“If a baby is going to collapse after surgery, we know now how to identify the early warning signs.”

– Aswathy S., nurse at Children’s HeartLink Center of Excellence Amrita Hospitals, Kochi, India, and participant in the Children’s HeartLink Nurse Residency Program


Every minute counts in a medical emergency.

While at the hospital waiting for heart surgery in India, a newborn with congenital heart disease was struggling to breathe.  

A nurse noticed the abnormal breathing sound coming from the child and alerted a doctor and respiratory therapist. This prompted a chest X-ray where they saw the baby’s lung had partially collapsed.  

The doctor was able to quickly provide the critical care necessary, intubating the child until they had recovered enough for the surgery required to repair their heart defect.

The nurse’s quick actions saved this child’s life.

This nurse had participated in our virtual Nurse Residency Program, which elevated her skills to observe patients and empowered her to inform her team of concerns to drive the best care possible for the children in her care. This is just one example of the lifesaving difference Children’s HeartLink nurse trainings make.

With a donation TODAY, you can help us extend training to more nurses in underserved countries and equip them to recognize care needs and advocate for children. 




Because of the programs supported by Children’s HeartLink, more children can access heart care.


Imagine your child is born with congenital heart disease and care isn’t easily accessible where you live. Your family waits weeks, months or even years in the hope that your child may someday have their heart repaired, with no real course of action to save them.

All parents want their child to live a healthy life in which they can thrive. Unfortunately, this isn’t available to all children with heart disease, and many are dying preventable deaths. This doesn’t have to be the case.

What we give families is more than hope; it’s real access to lifesaving care. Nurse training is a vital part of the work we do.

Our training programs help nurses improve their knowledge, technical skills, leadership abilities and confidence to identify when something is wrong and advocate for their patients to receive the best care possible. In fact, 100% of nurses who participated in our virtual Nurse Residency Program last year said their knowledge of how to care for children with heart disease had increased, including the nurse who saved the child in the real-life story above.

Your gifts strengthen and reinforce clinical skills so nurses can deliver high-quality care for children with heart disease.

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