New Initiative with Indian Government Will Help Us Reach More Children

Published September 6, 2017

An article in The Hindu highlights Children’s HeartLink’s new initiative with the Indian government to reach more children with congenital heart defects. In the southern state of Kerala, congenital heart defects have been identified as a significant cause of infant mortality, accounting for almost a quarter of infant deaths. This new initiative will improve early diagnosis, management and care of these children.

“A systematic approach to identifying the children who need care and prioritizing their care will save lives,” says Children’s HeartLink President Jackie Boucher. “We’re grateful to the Indian government for partnering with us on this exciting new initiative as we work to reach more children and give them a bright future.”

Children’s HeartLink Center of Excellence Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the hospitals identified to perform surgery on children who have critical heart conditions. It is also involved in the training programs, alongside the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and the Federation of Obstetric & Gynecological Societies of India.

One in 100 children is born with heart disease. Only one in 10 has access to care. Learn more about Children’s HeartLink’s efforts to improve access to care, at theinvisiblechild.childrensheartlink.org