Fundraise for Children with Heart Disease 

Last year we served over 135,000 children with heart disease around the world, thanks to our supporters. With your help, we can reach even more children next year. It takes just minutes to start a fundraiser! You can raise money for your birthday, an athletic challenge/event, or for any reason or occasion that is important to you. Fundraising for Children’s HeartLink means that more children with heart disease will get the treatment they desperately need.

Donate Your Birthday

Instead of gifts on your birthday, empower your family and friends to make donations to help children with heart disease and make a meaningful change.

Fundraise and Get Fit 

Get heart healthy and give more children a healthy heart. Run, walk, cycle or swim, and raise money to go the distance.

Fundraise Your Way 

Be creative! Throw a party, collect donations in memory of a loved one, or organize a bake sale at work or school.

Celebrate with CHL

In honor of Children’s HeartLink’s 50th anniversary, help more children with heart disease get the care they need to survive and thrive.