Amrita Faridabad_CHOP_Medical Assessment_July 2023 (22)

Expanding access to pediatric heart care: A bright future ahead An important piece of Children’s HeartLink partnerships is training, empowering and mentoring nurses to be the best advocates they can be for their patients. Ms. Maria Lazaro, nursing director for Amrita Hospital Faridabad, said the new partnership will pave a way for interaction with a well-established and renowned institution in pediatric cardiology. “Amrita’s aim is always to achieve excellence in its care for patients,” Ms. Lazaro said. “The nursing department will achieve this excellence in caring for children with CHD and post-operative surgeries with advanced learning and appropriate protocols resulting from the partnership. Already the assessment visit has created a bond where CHOP is willing to share their expertise and Amrita is willing to use the skill to become a Center of Excellence and help other nursing teams in our region.”